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Roller Derby – The Rebirth of a Classic – But This Time it’s Extreme

They were household names for decades, staples of television around the United States with a spiritual home in Los Angeles’ iconic Grand Olympic Auditorium.

Ann Calvello. Ralphie Valladares. Charlie O’Connell. Joanie Weston.

In 2025, a legend returns to the banked track with the launch of Extreme Roller Derby.

“Roller derby has always been part of the fabric of American sports culture, and with Extreme Roller Derby, we’re bringing it back to its home in Los Angeles to give fans a modern and extreme spin on this great sport,” said Roy Englebrecht, a Newport Beach, CA resident, Hall of Fame combat sports promoter, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Extreme Roller Derby.

Focusing on the established rule set of classic roller derby, but with no pre-determined outcomes or pro wrestling-esque antics, the banked track will be augmented by what will be simply known as “The Ramp” a 25-foot-high ramp build at a 45 degree angle and attached to the banked track where two opposing skaters will begin each jam and race onto the track straightaway.

Adding to the next level action of excitement will be the concepts of Extreme Substitution and Extreme Points, which will revolutionize the sport as male and female skaters jockey for position and outscore their opponents. More details on both additions will be released soon.

“Classic roller derby captivated several generations of fans who still look back fondly on those days,” said Englebrecht. “So we wondered, how do we bring it all back and modernize it for fans young, old, and everywhere in between? This isn’t a nostalgia act. This is a world-class sport delivering world-class entertainment and featuring elite athletes.”

This spring, tryouts will be held May 17th, 18th, and 19th in The Hangar at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, to find the one hundred skaters that will make up the league’s eight teams, based in Southern California but representing cities from around the United States. Once on board, these skaters will train for six months in order to be ready for the 2025 launch, which is destined to make headlines around the globe.

To register for the Open Tryouts, skaters can go to and click on the Open Tryouts page. Previous roller derby experience is not required; the only prerequisite is the desire to be a part of the new generation of skaters making history by bringing Extreme Roller Derby to the masses.

“Roller derby has produced so many great skaters since the 2006 revival of the sport on the flat track, and we welcome those athletes, as well as newcomers to the sport, to try out for the league,” said Englebrecht. “As for LA being our home base, it’s a tribute to those who came before us, from the early days of roller derby to the Roller Games and the iconic LA T-Birds. If you were there back then, you know what this sport meant to the city, and we can’t wait to revive it.”

While all games (twenty 60-minute regular season games per team) will be played in the City of Angels at a location to be determined, Extreme Roller Derby will be available to fans around the world thanks to live streaming technology that will get you as close to the track as you can get without getting hit.

The greatest sport on wheels is back….and this time it is EXTREME!

Combat Sports Entertainment, the parent company of Extreme Roller Derby, is based in Southern California and will be investing millions in the formation and launch of Extreme Roller Derby.